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1、Information of MZLH(L) biomass ring die pellet mill
1.MZLH(L) biomass ring die pellet mill is for hard pellet materials, it applies to all biological pellet production companies.
2.Compact structure, good appearance, high output, less power consumption, convenient use, reliable operation, etc.
3.The machine is equipped with ring die of φ5~φ9 die hole, can choose according to the needs of different users, and ring die can be customized.
4.The machine adopts frequency conversion motor feeder, overload protection device and the oil pump lubrication system.

2、Technical parameters of MZLH(L) biomass ring die pellet mill
Capacity: 0.6-1 t/h
Product: sawdust、rice husk pellet
Main motor power: 45kw
Feeding screw motor power: 2.2kw
Output motor: 0.25kw
Pellet forming rate: ≥95%
Pellet powder rate: ≤5%
Noise: ≤85dB(A)
Dimensions: 1800*1300*1150
Weight: 1.7T

3、Information of MZLH508 a1/a2 pellet mill
1.Box body is made of HT250 material forming mould;
2.Big gear, gear shaft with high precision gear grinding machine, run more smoothly;
3.All bearings in the box body are SKF bearing;
4.Pellet mill base is made of 12mm steel plate welding production slots;
5.With outside circulation cooling oil lubrication system, integrating cooling, filtering, alarm;
6.With overload protection device, easy to overload protection host equipment main parts;
7.Equipped with movable high precision pneumatic pumps;
8.With ring mould lifting device, convenient user disassembling ring die and the roller.

4、Technical parameters of MZLH508 a1/a2 pellet mill
Power: 160kw
Ring die: φ8mm (1:5.0-6.0)
Product: wood、rice husk pellet
Capacity: 1.5-2.5 t/h
Pellet forming rate: ≥96%
Pellet pulverizing rate: ≤8%
Noise[dB(A)]: ≤90

5、Technical parameters of wood hammer mill SFSP80*100
1.Power: 110kw
2.Capacity: 6-7 t/h, material: wood,  ≥0.4 t/m3
3.Screen hole φ15mm, fine grinding rate≥33%
Material size ≤3cm or reduce capacity.

6、Technical parameters of sawdust hammer mill SFSP65*80
1.power: 90kw
2.diameter: 675mm
3.width: 750mm
4.bearing: NSK2216
5.blade: 132pc, hammer head welding tungsten carbide
6.screen plate: surface carburizing

7、Cause and solutions of material could enter the pressing room normally, but could not make pellet.
1. Die hole is blocked
2. Moisture content is too high or too low
3. The interval between die and roller is too large
4. Feeder scraper is broken
1.Get through the die hole
2.Adjust the steam volume correctly
3.Adjust the die –roller interval
4.Change feed scrape

8、Cause and solutions of main machine cannot get started.
1. Accumulated material in the pressing room did not get cleared
2. Breakdown in the electric circuit
1.Clear the accumulated material
2.Get rid of the circuit breakdown

9、 Cause and solutions of noise, violent vibration.
1. Moisture content inappropriate
2. The die and roller wearing badly
3. Die-roller interval too small
4. Foreign matter in conditioner of screw feeder
5. Small hard foreign matter was pressed into die hole
1.Change bearing
2.Change die and press roller
3.Adjust interval
4.Pull out screw feeder axle or conditioner axle to clear
5.Clear the foreign matter in the die

10、Cause and solutions of low capacity.
1. Inappropriate moisture content
2. Wrong material prescription
3. Inappropriate powder material fineness
4. Granular material too hard
5. Electric current does not reach the specified value
1.Adjust steam volume correctly
2.Adjust the material prescription
3.Improve powder material quality
4.Change die or reduce the effective length of die hole
5.Increase the rotating speed of screw feeder, increase material and steam inlet volume.

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