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60 Tons Per Hour Complete Feed Pellet Production Line


Detailed Description:
(1)    It is a 60 tons per hour feed factory in Kazakhstan, which mainly produces ruminant animal feed, cattle and sheep feed.
(2)    It uses computer control, with high degree of automation, less of labor, and it is a factory with high standards which sets internationally advanced technology process in one.

In this complete feed pellet production line, it mainly equipped with:

                Machine                Model                Power                Capacity                Quantity                Remarks
                Hammer mill                SFSP138*100                315 KW                35T/H                2 pieces
                Pellet mill                SZLH768                280 KW                20T/H                3 pieces
                Extruder                EXT225                220 KW
                1 piece                Extruding corn, soya bean

Sections in the feed pellet production line:

Details of sections:
1. Feeding section: LED large screen displays feeding information. Instructions are issued by the worker in the control room.

2. Grinding section: 315KW high efficiency drop-shaped hammer mill.

3. Batching bin:
(1) Large volume raw material bin, volume: 900 m3;
(2) It can be stored 8 hours working production capacity, which greatly reduces the     frequency of feeding, saves cost of labor and improve efficiency of producing.
(3) At the same time, it also reduces the cover area of raw material warehouse.

4. Batching section

5. Mixing section: the speed of mixing is high, the period of it is short, 30-90 seconds/batch.

6. Pelletizing section: 3 pieces SZLH768 pellet mill with 280 KW, It uses automatic control of pellet mill.

7. Cooling section: it adopts counter flow cooling principle, so it makes the pellet uniformity.

8. Screening section: the machine works with low noise and works smoothly.

9. Dust removing section


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